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Safe permanent fat loss at home. Tested and recommended by Dr. Bob FRCS MD.

CryoShape Technology:

CryoShape develops controlled and consistent cool temperature across the treatment plate. It is this consistent cooling across the treated area that penetrates the skin to freeze and kills the fat cells below. This cooling and subsequent fat loss process is called Cryolipolysis.  Cryolipolysis results in the breaking of the fat cell wall structure, not just letting reducing the fat in the cells, The fat cells do not just shrink they are destroyed.  This third generation machine, it is more powerful, the most effective and cordless, so completely user friendly application. The automatic ventilation doors allow optimum airflow through the cooling system.  They automatically open when you start and close when your session is done.  CryoShape uses our proprietary Thera light therapy which actively targets fat cells.  Studies reveal that when the sun’s blue light penetrates the skin and reaches the underlying fat cells, the fat shrinks.  This fat then releases naturally; that’s why in summer we tend to lose weight and in the winter we tend to put it back on. 

Our technology has two patents and each machine is certified. It is safe wearable medical standard equipment that you can use at home.

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