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Dear Slimfreezer customer.

We are celebrating our 100,000th successful fat loss story worldwide. As a valued Slimfreezer customer, we would appreciate you completing this short survey to share your story. As a thank you for doing so you will receive a £20 HSM Gift Voucher.

By also attaching a photo of yourself, you will be entered into a prize draw to win £200 cash*.


Yes I got the results I wanted
I got results but not as much as I wanted
No, I didn’t get any results
It did not hurt at all
It did not hurt but felt numb
It hurt a lot
Yes very easy
Quite easy
No, it was difficult
No, it left no mark at all.
It did at first but this went away
I have a mark
Belly fat
Hip fat
Leg fat
Arm fat
Back fat
Use a new Slimreezer sheet for each treatment
Massage the area for 3-4 minutes after use
Drink plenty of water after use

Please either upload your photo here or send it to info@hsm.tv stating your name

*T&C’s apply