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Marua S.

Full time Mum

"After my second & third child my body was absolutely destroyed, but thanks to Slim Freezer I’ve got my flat tummy I’ve got no fat here, here, I’ve maintained my curves my husband is in love with my body, I feel great, I look great & it’s all thanks to Slim Freezer."


Stephanie Before & After Customer Review



Stephanie P.

Office Manager -Before & After photo submitted

"I work out really hard to try and stay in shape but there are some areas of my body that diet & exercise just don’t work. For me Slim Freezer is the only way I can get the body that I’ve always wanted.”

Natalia D.


“It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror and deciding what part of your body you want to sculpt. After trying this product I ask myself, how could I have possibly lived without it?”

Slim Freezer Customer Review


Age 50 -Before & After photo submitted

“I have the kind of body that is slim on top and wider at the thighs… so every time that I try to solve that problem… I look too thin on top & my face became drawn and you could see more of the wrinkles… With the Slim Freezer I can use it in targeted areas so I love it!”


Kristine P

"After having four kids I’ve noticed I have a little bit of a problem area on my stomach. With SlimFreezer I can target just my problem area without getting overly skinny everywhere else."

Laura Z.

Age 40

“Every since I had my daughter, no matter what I did, no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get rid of that baby fat. And then I tried SlimFreezer, I was amazed with my results!"