WORLD EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH - SlimAction hosiery June 20 2015

Home Shopping Mall is proud to announce the exclusive launch of the innovative SlimAction hosiery in the UK & Ireland this Summer! Check out our awesome BUY 1 GET 1 FREE OFFER BY CLICKING HERE

No more diets... stop dieting and start losing that stubborn fat with Slim Action! The innovative new hosiery with the accepted science to slim, tighten and tone your body; thanks to a redutech textile innovation that targets your fatty areas while you wear them.

Start seeing results after just 1 short week and keep wearing Slim Action until you get the results you want!! They look great and are so comfortable, how simple is that!!

The secret lies in this fabric… containing Seaweed, Ginko Biloba and Vitamin E. As you wear Slim Action, your body heat and friction activate the formula and massage it into your skin, attacking fat so you can start seeing results after just one week!!! Reshape your body, flatten that unsightly muffin top and slim your waist line. Slim your hips, tighten and tone your body and get that sleek, slender and slim shape in just weeks.

Slim Action is the revolutionary garment proven to reduce sizes. The innovative cosmeto-textile combine botanic and sea extracts, specially formulated to slim legs and localized fat. Additionally the formula contains cosmacol EMI, vitamin E and ginkgo biloba, all of them to get more hydration and protection for the skin. 


Slim Action contains millions of small micro-capsules inside the fabric that once start the contact with the skin, all the active ingredients are released and penetrate the pores getting the mentioned results of slimming, hydrating and reducing the cellulite appearance. Each pair of SlimAction hosiery last 10 washes.



Slim Action hosiery is specially designed to be comfortable and easy to wear for all occasions, even for sleeping! The more you wear, the more you lose!

SlimAction Demo

1. The medium control top, makes it resistant to wear under clothing. Also avoid the marks in the tummy.

2. The Cotton gusset, is a special protection for the private parts and is a must for hygienic standards.

3. The matt leg look is an important reinforce to avoid runs and keeps the leg shape.

4. The reinforced toe avoids shape distortion and runs.


Buy One Get One Free


View some of the fantastic results seen by real SlimAction customers after wearing their SlimAction hosiery everyday for 4 weeks
Results after 4 weeks
Results after 4 weeks
Results after 4 weeks
Results after 4 weeks